Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I think that I have finally turned the corner on revising my article for Pits of Evil. First, I ignored it, then I found that I hardly had any time to revise before I got too tired to concentrate.

This morning, the cat woke me at 5:30, so I did get a little extra writing in.

The novella has been stalled as I've tried to finish the article. I've also had to convert Keep on the Shadowfell to work in Endhaven, then I did a conversion for 800 CE. I think that the Endhaven is the better written of the conversion, but 800 CE is far more fun. Would you prefer fighting bandits, goblins, and an evil priest, or would you prefer gypsies, saracens, moors, and an infidel priest?

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