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Okay, busy day. Hit the dentist and had my last metal filling removed. Boogies up to class. Stop to eat. Stop by Tower. I am temped and buy Showboat, Them, Cabaret, and My Fair Lady. Boogie up 355. Took my final. I don't think I did too well. I'm thinking that I did a B or something. 80%??? *sucks* All that developmental theory messed with my head. I had pages and pages to memorize and I did not do so well.

I stopped off at the store. I need to make cucumbers and creme. Fresh dill, too. Made that. Watched Buffy. (My theories were well founded. Yay.) Made a CD for the Christmas party tomorrow.

CDDB lists Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole as folk. Kids these days are crazy. Is it rock? Rap? Jazz? If not, then it MUST be folk. Utterly stupid.

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