Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Feeding and Sleeping

Jenny has adopted an "ask for it" strategy for feeding. Hers Truly only gets normal food unless she asks for the good stuff. Yesterday, Hers Truly only began asking after dinner.

Hers Truly can now get things that I ask for. If I mention "doggie", she'll find her stuffed doggie. This did not happen suddenly. She's been steadily building to here. Its still cool to realize where she is.

She now wipes her face after mealtime.

Jenny noted that when its time for bed, the girl asks for everything that she can think of rather than go to bed.

In the sleep saga, Hers Trulyy got up last evening. We heard her move around for a bit. We did nothing. She didn't start crying for half-an-hour. When she did cry, Jenny went back in.

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