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Monday Night at the Movies

Went to see Star Trek tonight. I'll hold off on the spoilers. Non-spoiler thingies:

- Need a better cinemetographer. What's the use of wide-screen if you block for TV?
- The soundtrack was often bland. Not bad when it was in the background, but never inspiring when you needed inspiring.
- They needed a better conceptual designer. The sets fell flat for me.
- Story???
- The themes fell flat for me.

I am sooooo damned spoiled by all those Arthur Freed musicals. All that singing and dancing just ruins the Star Trek experience.

Not the worst of all Treks, but not the best. I rate it as mid-grade.

An in a complete non-sequitur, I can't believe all the comments that my off-the-cuff note about the sandwhich garnered. The lesson here: never underestimate the power of peanut butter.

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