Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Sleep Training

We headed into sleep training. Well, a new round of it anyway.

On Wednesday, the girl popped up at 9pm. I went in to get her to sleep, and patting did not solve the issue. I used to let her climb on me and fall asleep, but the last time that I tried that, she was just too big and never got comfortable. So thist time, after failing to get her to lie down and stay there, I just plopped down in the comfy rocker and let her do her thing in the crib. She eventually slept. So did I.

That got Jen back onto her sleep bandwagon, getting the girl to nap twice using the same basic method. Last night, she did not nurse to sleep, and she eventually put herself to sleep.

The eventual goal is to get her sleepy, plop her in the crib, and walk out.

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