Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Jen read over my first story in the novella and gave me feedback. Some points were interesting. Some directly reflected my problem in the tale.

Out of six characters, I've cut out three and am working on one replacement. The three that were kept were the ones with the strongest voices. The trick here is devloping a new character with a distinct voice and attitude.

A new trick will be salvaging the design work inherent in the other characters. Some of that will just be developed into game information. Some of that will flow into characters. A few characters will be kept, just used differently. For example, my "native" will go from a far-away traveler to an example of the local tribal population.

Elsewhere in writing, my April Fool's piece for this year is: The Evil Sucking Thing of Doom that Evilly Sucks All Cats to their Doom.

Last year's was: The Baby of Wonder.

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