Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Hard to Sleep for Little Girls

The little girl had a hard time getting to sleep. It was so hard that Jen had to call me in after 1.5 hours to finish up the job. The girl tossed and turned on my lap, slept, tossed, played, tossed, napped longer, etc., until she finally winked out.

We've gotten ourselves into house cleanup mode. Yes, spring cleaning. There is lots to sift throught.

There's fast pickups and slow cleanups. This one is a slower cleanup. Things really do need homes. Stuff that must go really must go.

I got around to getting VNC on the downstairs computer. Yeah, I know it's not amazing, but there you go. I may turn my downstairs PC into a terminal server, just to make accessing it even easier.

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