Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Hammering at Creativity

To help jump start my creativity in the Wikiworld setting, I've been pounding away at a story. Maybe a short story, maybe a novella. I wrote for two days then had to stop for two weeks as I pounded at the story, getting things to actuallyy work. I've only just started writing again.

My mad plan is working. In those two weeks, I had to figure out a whole lot.

I've got the first story arc plotted out.

While making breakfast this morning, I finally figured out a second story arc. A retreating company dumped its payroll while in enemy territory. It's up to our heroes to get it back.

So far, I have an introduction, a section grounding each character, a story arc, likely some more vignettes illustrating the characters, then another arc.

I need the vignettes to fill out the world a bit. That's where the real development is happening.

So far, the heroes are very fey, with a changeling, a dryad, and a Schan (a type of elf). The remaining ones are a dwarf, a wolf-like being, and a noblewoman from a the flying city. I tried my best to diversify this group in many ways, but in they fey-respect, I blew it. So, I may as well make lemonade and examine the diversity of fey in the wikiworld.

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