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Due to ice and general ickiness of weather, I stayed home last night and played on the old PS2. Many monsters were slain, but the world has yet to be saved.

I am looking at classes for next semester. I don't know which one I am taking yet. I was hoping for personality psych, but that's only offered during the day.

I looked at a couple grad school programs, just to start on that learning curve of "what the hell do I have to do?" I looked at the University of Maryland and I just about gagged over their requirments. 3.5 GPA??? Owww. Due to some early screw-ups, I wasn't even 3.0 in my major (although everyone assumed that I was far better). I was close, like a 2.9, but just not quite there. Silmaril got in with these requirements, then did PhD? No wonder she's working herself 24 hours a day.

American University had more realistic requirements for their grad school. They actually gave useful directions on what the Psych masters program desired. That's far more useful. Undergraduate psych couses, of course, and statistics, of course. I'll still need a 3.0, and a general GRE, and letters, and stuff, but that's fare more useful information. And if I do neuro-psychology, I can get letters from the Chief of Neuroimaging at work. Not bad, eh?

When I get intimidated or overwhelmed by the requirements before me, I want to say, "I can't do this!" Then I remind myself that Jan Yates, grandmother, earned her PhD in her 60's. If I take my time, I can get there.

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