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Round and Round

Say hello to my next friend, Xpioti, or Christi. She's a terribly mean and cruel woman who forces her adorable and sweet horse to leave his comfy, cozy stall. Then she makes he do work!!! On the other hand, she does bring him mints, so she just might be okay. (I helped rebuild her house over the winter, only to have the ingrate sell the place for a nice fat $$$ and buy a nicer place in Germantown. And allI got out of it was Burmese food.)

Teresa, my partner at work, is back. She went off to Hong Kong for three weeks. Today, she was dead tired and wired on coffee. The good news is, work was busy, so she got no rest. Bwah-hah-hah. My just revenge for her leaving, which kept me from using my own vacation before I switched jobs.

The agenda for tonight is to clear the book cases out of the living room. I will hopefully finish sanding the floor, too. Who knows. Tomorrow or Wednesday I will put down the polyurathan. The forcast is overcast for the next few days. Whohooo. Brain-altering chemicals!

I've been noticing that some of my funks lately are time dependent. I suspect that I have another food allergy, although to what I can not say. This does not please me. Fortunately, good, fresh food doesn't do it to me. Fast food, well, that seems to be a culprit. So dear old me must avoid fast food and eat better food instead. :P

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