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Last Day of Class

This was my last day of real class. Next week is the final. In celebration of this, dinner consisted of Fish Tacos. Never had a fish taco before. Based on the ho-humness of these, I likely won't be having them again, either. They weren't bad, but they just weren't my favorite either.

Next week, I get my upper fillings replaced, THEN I go to my final. Am I a self-torturing fool or what?

I picked up "Auntie Mame" and "Singin' In The Rain" at Tower today. They were on the sale table.

Today's topic of deep thought was praise. I realized that Jen gave me a whole lot of it, and did it well. Christina never gave me any. None at all. Katie avoided praise. Beth, a long time ago, told me that I needed to actually accept praise. That was a good piece of advice. I think the lesson here is that I really do value praise, and I should give it more often. Praise comes from strength and security. When I praise, I feel more self-confident myself. When I praise, I identify what I think is important. Praise says something about me. I found it hard to praise myself, but now I find that easy. From now on, I will praise others more.

Praise goes to Chris F, who got me off my ass, off to New York, and to a production of the Producers. Praise goes to Barb for enviving spagetti night. Praise goes to Xpioti for not killing her new dog. :P She also gets praise for setting a goal for herself, then following through by changing her life to meet those goals. (She's determined to be a good rider.) Praise goes to Silmaril for being the most ernest damned worker that I know. Praise goes to Tim for finding such fun movies. He's the best film hound that I know. He can also spot a used bookstore from three city blocks.

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