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Audibon Naturalist Society

I went down to clean up after the ANS (Audibon Naturalist Society's) winter fair. They have two big events per year. In the summer they have their educational event, and in the winter, their crafty event. The actual property is a mansion on a bird sanctuary. The ANS predates the National Audibon Society by about 40 years. ANS's first president was the Surgeon General at the time. During Teddy Roosevelt's administration, they actually had meetings in the White House.

As for the work, I started off by choffeuring two people about and picking up signs. We went up and down 355, through Bethesda, and back around. Amazingly, we didn't get beeped at once. My liberal use of blinkers helped that, I think. No one had any doubts that we were pulling over. After that, I helped fold up tables and chairs. There was plenty of trash to get picked up. I dodged the parking duty, as I had directed traffic in previous years. I didn't want to do that again.

After everything was done, we ate the leftovers. ANS always has great leftovers. There was kettle corn for appetizer, followed by tai noodles, fried rice, and roast meats. Yumm. All in all, I had fun. Volunteering is a good way to spend an evening.

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