Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Back from XMas

I've arrived home safely on this gray and icky day.

Christmas at my family's went well. Jen was shocked by the numer of gifts hurled upon our daughter. I was not. I've seen this family in action.

For a present, we had a family portrait taken. The grandparents also received framed pics of the little girl.

For Christmas, I gave Jen a calendar of my pics. She gave me Tom Holtz's dinosaur book (signed by the author). Good stuff!

The little girl gave mom a new pair of headphones. (She ate the last pair).

The little girl loved playing with the great toys up at granda's house. She found some jingly cat toys, a sponge, and a cat scratch. Yay. Cat toys are fun.

Jen and Wogs are staying up in Jersey until Friday. He brother will bring them home.

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