Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Fleuroscopy and Christmas Ornaments

I went for a fleuroscopy today. Barium is teh icky.

We've put up a Christmas tree. I dug out my hand-painted ornaments. Jenny was amazed. I hard forgotten just how many of those things I had painted. Back in '93-'97, I was wrestling with tendonitis and occupying myself with diversions other than comuter games. One of my diversions was painting plaster christmas ornaments. I started off bad, but by the time that I ended that hobby, I was producing some nice looking ornaments.

I gave many ornaments away as gifts. Those were usually my best examples. This makes me wonder what my best looked like.

The baby is fascinated by the ornaments and the tree. I pre-forgave the baby for any ornaments that she may damage, then let her grab a few off the tree. She's chipped one.

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