Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Upgrading Computer

I've been looking at my old PC for ways to tweak it and update it.

First off, the bastards who sold me the motherboard sold me a GOOD damned motherboard. Replacing the motherboard with a better 4-year-old MB is a not costs effective.

I'm using an Athlon. Mine is a Socket A 2600+. They stopped making that line at 3200+. So I could spend $50 bucks to get a small boost, but nothing major.

I could add more RAM, but that doesn't add to speed. It is also an odd RAM, so that would run $65. I may do that, as more RAM is rarely bad, but I won't get much out of it.

I looked at buying a used PC. All that does is trade one old PC for another.

I could try to upgrade piecemeal, but I want a small form-factor. The house is small. Space is valuable. Think "shuttle sized" computer. mATX. I to replace the current PATA DVD burner with a SATA dual-layer. I want to upgrade the size of the hard drive. I want to replace the mouse with a more hand-friendly mouse.

At this point, it looks like all-or-nothing replacement, or waiting for the used PC's to significantly exceed the specs on my current PC.

The only thing I want to keep is my IBM keyboard. I can't find them anymore.

I specced out the price list. $600. Not this year, I think. I'm still paying for the laptop.

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