Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Video Game Collapse

I was doing some reading last night. I forgot about the video game collapse of 1983-4. Wow. Hard to believe that the video game market was declared dead. How fortunes have reversed.

I spent most of the 80's and 90's PC gaming. Those were the golden years. I had fun. I mostly played RPGs, and other fun games. I began getting disenfranchised when I got tendonitis, while at the same time, games increasingly became first person shooters and increasingly complicated. By the late 90's, I was "bottom feeding." I maintained an old PC, and played $15 games. I had little interest in the newest and best games. I still loved the RPG's, but the sheer "hardcore!!!" orientation of the PC game industry put me off.

In the early 90's, I did have a Genesis, but I only spent so much on that system. I don't even recall which games I had, except for Sonic Spinnball.

I started back into consoles with the Sega Dreamcast. When it went belly up, I slid over to the PS2 for a while. I'm doing some retro gaming right now, using emulators on my Mac. Eventually I may get a Wii. I'll need TV first.

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