Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


The end of last week successfully qualified for "sucktitude". The word is "gastrointeritis." The symptoms are unpleasant and not to be repeated. By Friday, I had pains enough that I want to the emergency room. They hydrated me, poked me with an incompetent tech (you NEVER EVER leave a sharp on the table), x-ray, CT, etc.

Anti-biotics taste bad but do go stuff.

I'm following up with my regular doctor who is sure to prescribe more unpleasantness.

If it's not just a fluke infection, I do not want the alternative. As a hint, you do not want a condition that has its own foundation.

With today's sick day, I visited the doctor, filled the partial-fill prescription from Friday, folded laundry, upgraded Ubuntu to the next version and debugged the upgrade issues, straighted up the basement somewhat, sorted out equipment that I have finally admitted that I will never use, changed the bed over to winter, swapped in my winter shirts, picked up the CSA vegetables, bought and carved a pumpkin, and otherwise relaxed.

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