Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


To satisfy my curiosity, I'm comparing housing. I'm only searching for single-family houses, so this will complicate the numbers.

In Atlanta, 1739 pages of houses for sale. 40 pages in, and I'm up to $48k. 100 pages is is $60k.

Savannah has 226 pages. 40 pages in is $140k. Page 100 is $220k.

Baltimore has 355. Page 40 is $175k. Page 100 is $229k. Interestingly, Baltimore is very similar to Savannah.

DC has 90 pages. Page 40 is $400k. Page 90 is 5 million+. DC is odd because it's split across boundaries. We'll also add in Arlington's 46 pages and Rockville's 68. That adds up to 204 pages. Adjusting the page count for more hits, page 13 is $420k and page 33 is $600k.

For New York, the low end is lower than DC. How interesting. I keep forgetting that New York, despite its size, is a working city. 730 pages of houses selling in NYC. Page 40 is $350k. Page 100 is $400k.

LA has 644 pages. On page 40, $345k. Page 100 is $390k.

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