Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Approaching Cat Anniversary

The cat's two-year anniversary is coming up next month. Wow. Squirrel has been with us almost two years.

When we first got him, he was bug-nuts. He scrambled around the house, found everything, pounced counstantly, and generaly ran us ragged. I had to play string in the morning or he would eat my feet. He alternated between being petted and shredding your hand. He was into everything. All small objects were his to bat around. (Well, they still are. Cats LOVE small objects.) He proved the addage, "cats exist to piss you off."

Things have gotten better. He is an outside cat at heart. Once he got outside, he was able to work off his increadible energy. 90% improvement right there. He's much more patient, too. I've also improved my cat vocabulary, so rather than having a frustrated cat, I understand what it is that he is "saying". (Cat's are all action. Once you can read the actions, the cat can talk to you. The only trick is figuring out the action. I walk about until the cat leads me somewhere.)

He still tries to claw my hands off every so often. There's no explaining that. One moment, he'll be happy on my lap, and the next, he's trying to claw my hand off. That's supposed to be a normal "bug" with cats, so I remove my bleeding hand and let him calm back down. If he's on the floor, I'll toss him the sock filled with rice. He loves eviscerating the sock.

He nips at my feet every so often, especially when agitated and not getting his way. This is usually a communication issue. "Hey stupid human, I'm hungry," is the usual message.

He still has some contrary communications. "I'll sit on my humans until they open the door!" Yeah, he actually does that. He also eats cords when he's annoyed. "I'm hungry. I'll chew power cords and then they'll have to feed me."

If he comes in at night, my lap is his. This means that I must strive to do any computer work before the cat arrives. He usually spends 20-30 minutes in my lap before he relocates nearby. My lap belongs to HIM, and not the glowy thing. If I can't figure out what he wants, and he wants the bedroom, that means that it is laptime!

In the winter, when it gets cold, he'll go stir crazy again. I'll have to play far more rope with him. He'll start attacking my feet again. We'll get through it.

I have no doubts that my little guy loves me. I'm the best daddy-cat eva!

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