Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I updated Fink and Tellico finally appeared. I now have Tellico for my Mac. I no longer have to run a virtual Linux box to update my CD collection.

The little girl has been waking recently. Waking badly. She's been up multiple times over the nights. She's nearly inconsolable. She wakes up fast, too. I made great headway last night. I was successful at getting her back to sleep, so now when I appear, she's more willing to follow my lead back into sleep. I've tried to get to her when she first moves, in an attempt to keep the full-on unhappiness from ensuing. Last night, I was up four times to tap her back down, usually less than ten minutes each. That was a great improvement. In previous nights, she was up for an hour or more.

These reactions are more total unhappiness than panic. If she's in my arms and wakes up a little, she starts wailing again. I really can't tell exactly where she is, except that eveyone, including the baby, wants more sleep.

Did some playtesting on the intercessor class yesterday. I modified things about the class over the last few days in order to make it playable. In the first few fights, he did fairly well. He had cool stuff to pull out every fight, did fair damage.

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