Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
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We went up to dad's and had crabs this weekend.

The cousins were all over Joy. They were extremely high-energy towards her. They acted as if any lack of stimulation would make Joy cry. Frustrating!

On Sunday, I picked up a new boombox for the house. This one is smaller, plays MP3, and has an input jack. It even fits on a shelf and leaves room on the shelf. This should be a nice, more portable replacement for that 13 year old Sony.

Put together info for the house refinance. We're consolidating the house with Jen's school loans. I'm not too worried about the total value vis-a-vis the house, as we are still so far below the market value that the house would need to lose 60% of its current value. I see a dip in the market, and yes, it may be that bad.

FYI, average housing should be about 3x average income. Housing in the county is currently running at 6x average income. You do the math.

Pricing pressure has already hit the neighborhood. Values are already down $50k. The house up the street is listing at $299k. It's a two bedroom cottage. I do not expect that people making $100k per year want to buy into a tiny cottage.

I've been hacking away at Wikiworld. I hit the Pre-Raphaelites to find more images for gods. Finding cool female pictures is easy. The images also give me great iconography to work with. I just explain what I see, and it all works. I now need to find cool images for male gods. That ain't so easy.

The upcoming Beowulf film looks lackluster.

The cat left me quite the present yesterday. I heard the most incredible sound come out of the cat. When I went to investigate, there was a pile of lunch on the floor. Ewww. Fortunately, he did not do that on the bed.

The baby has been waking at odd hours. I'm not sure if it's teeth or hunger. That little human is becoming a milk-hooving machine.

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