Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Baby Foodness

We started Joy on solid food yesterday.

OK. It was a token effort. One spoonful of rice mix made it to her mouth. Right now, we are working on the concept that other things are food besides mommy. We have a whole new ritual to learn.

Joy wore her "Vecna Hungers" bib.

Thinking of Vecna, there's a 4e D&D coming out next year. That's big news in the game industry. Their direction seems very action oriented, which makes me feel somewhat smug. My own design work was going in the same direction. 4e means another SRD to convert. That's alotta work.

Mike Mearls wrote that he thinks there are a handful of people who understand d20. Two years ago, I would have thought that I did understand d20. Nope. Today, I much better understand it, which is why I've been so irritated with it. d20 is not adventure oriented.

When I first started on Wikiworld, I modeled the writeup on the game worlds published by Wizards. Within two weeks, I had thrown out that model. The model is that a gameworld is administrivia. That is an incorrected model. A game world is full of places where your characters can do interesting things. The focus must be adventure oriented. Anything beside adventure oriented design leads to you bad decisions.

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