Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Amazon Top 25

I haven't looked at the Amazon Top 25 in a while. Let's see what we get...

#1. High School Musical 2
#2. Hairspray
#3. Amy Winehouse
#4. Hanna Montana 2 (Disney channel star)
#5. Icky Thump, by the White Stripes

Wow. Two musicals are outselling all the other popular music out there.

Of more interest is #17, Wicked. Yes, that's right, five years after it was released, the 2003 Wicked broadway soundtrack remains a notable seller on Amazon.

What continues to surprise me is just how different real-time sales look compared to what makes the radio. Part of that is self-selection. Certain people pick Amazon over other methods of music purchse. Part of it is the absolute lack of "urban" music. Part of it is the way that the two lists have almost NOTHING in common. Part of it is the ease of influencing the Amazon "top" list. Yet, I can't escape the idea that Billboard is producing a heaping pile of steam when it comes to the actual accuracy of what people are actually buying.

Over in ticket sales, Genesis and The Police are outselling everyone else. How's that for commentary?

I went to the RIAA's "best selling" site. There's dreadfully little "urban" music there. There is certainly R&B of all types. However, there is very little of the "uban" which dominates todays charts. There's another sign of a disconnect. has a different chart than either billboard or Amazon. However, EW resembles Amazon somewhat. The weird thing is that EW bases their chart on Billboard data! I'm confused.

Under digital downloads (, a Brit site, urban doesn't even show up.

On All Songs Considered, I generally see a correspondence between what they feature and what sells on Amazon.

All in all, I blame any problems on the recording industry on their inability to actually notice what people are buying.

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