Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Wife Away

The wife is away. Weird. I came home to NO BABY DUTY.

The poor wife had a hard time getting the child to Pennsic. About 10 hours of a hard time. Babies sure do slow you down. The child ate through the entire milk stock. They should be there by now, having arrived at night. I am sure that many helpful hands emptied my wagon, set up her tent, and made her feel very loved.

As I sort through my CD's as a rip them, I find duplicates. Sometimes they sell for less than I bought them for, like Silverchair, which I bought for $2 and sells for less. Other things sell for more. Winter Hours cost me $2 and sells for $15 (in good condition) or more if it's new.

I'm off to ship the first one that I sold. I never liked At Home With Cherry Twister. It sold quickly. That's $6 more to my name.

I'm selling through Amazon. It's not necessarily quick, but I'm getting a much better price than the used CD place.

I plan to sell off my Gene Wolfe collection. That's a heap o' shelf space. We'll see what I can get for them. None of that is a huge amount of money, but taken together, that's more music for me.

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