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In the bitter wind of this morning, I finished mowing down the front lawn. That just leaves the back lawn and the leaves. I've caught up in my psychology reading. I actually got some of the recycling out.

Outside work remaining is the gutters, which are jam packed with leaves, and repainting the shed. The shed will wait until I have a belt sander to torture it with. She'll get a brand new coat of primer and lots more paint. I also need to fix some rotting wood around the door, and rebuild the entire front door.

The D&D game went okay. It's fun at first level time. We did a good job defending ourselves against a pack of dire wolves, until a few of us ran into the open and got themselves KO'd. Doh!

I've been listening to the top 100 of 1976. I must have listened to the radio alot that year. Twenty five years later, and I'm still sick of some of that top 40 crud. For some reason, 1976 trigger absolutely NO nostalgia for me.

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