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I'm home sick today. I got hit by something pretty hard on the weekend. I've been very light headed. I visited the doctor today, and they're going to have me do a stress test.

I finished HP over the weekend. I'm glad that it's done. The series has generally gone in a direction that doesn't work for me. I enjoyed #'s 1-3. Even with the series being so wildly popular, I believe that Rowling missed the true potential of the work. I feel that many of the characters have simply stagnated over the final four books. Rather than develop her characters, she seemed to parade new characters across the stage. For example, I have trouble thinking about what Ron is actually good at, besides throwing a fit and not talking to Harry. By the final books, the school-year arc of the story structure hurt her ability to tell an interesting story. What loses me the most is the dissonance between the fundamental funhouse-mirror comedy that the wizarding world gives us, with the pathos that the later books introduce. I found that those kept fighting with each other.

Here's a few things that Ron could have been good at, with only a little hand-waving:

* He could be good at cooking. His mom always makes him help.
* He could be good at mechano-magic, because dad is always getting him to help.
* He could develop potions, because the twins pay him to make candies, so he gets lots of practice.
* He could be a good protection maker, to protect himself from his brothers.

You get the drift. Really, Ron should be OK with all of these things because these all fit his family. Instead, Hermione is good at magic because that's hard, Harry is good because he's special, and Ron is a schmutz with low confidence.

That's about the last Potter that I'll talk about. The series is done, so I can now ignore it.

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