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I've just looked over my voiceposts. Wow. Talk about some increadibly unreadable transcriptions!!!

We flew down on Friday. Much to our surprise, our tickets to Dallas had been upgraded to first class. Wow. We never flew first class before. First class was a boon. It made traveling with the girl so much easier. A few folks even switched seats to help up. We were very lucky as she slept for most of our flying.

That little girl picked up more stewardesses than I did.

The next flight to Austin was short and sweet. We hopped in our rent-a-car, reached Jen's cousin's house, and collapsed. We spent a little time with them the next morning, the shoved off.

We stopped off in El Paso to visit the Alamo. The building is unamazing, but they have a very nice garden. From there, we high-tailed it to Corpus Christi.

We arrived in Corpus Christi at 6pm, got changed, then went out. We went to Jen's great-aunt's 80th birthday onboard the WW2 era aircraft carrier Lexington. Even with the sea breeze, the night was very muggy.

On Sunday, we went to church, then went to lunch. Later that day, Joy was on her belly on the bed, then she went FLOP!!! She had flipped onto her back. Oh-Mother-of-God!!! The girl isn't rolling yet, but it is only a matter of time. She is very close to both rolling and crawling.

We drove back to Austin yesterday. With all the flight delays in Dallas, we wound up taking an earlier flight and still only barely made our connection. (Our luggage did not.) This flight was fairly sparse, so we had an entire row to stretch out. We rolled in late.

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