Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


My brakes needed a little work. I took the car by the brake place today and found that a "little" work will cost me $800. *sigh* In context, that is two car payments. It could certainly be worse. Even more so, these are brakes that I am talking about. The car is kinda useless without brakes. The car is still worth about $5k, so this isn't too much money.

My old Civic was heck on brakes. The brakes would eventually bind, wearing them down far too quick. In six years I had three sets of brakes. Not cheap.

Agenda for the weekend:

Fri - Harry Potter???
Sat - I dunno
Sunday - pm D&D game

I really need something social for Saturday, I just don't know what. If I let myself, I will be bad and stay in the house all day.

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