Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Odd People

Oh, cool, there are zombies outside!!! Whohooo, it's the End of the World on my birthday. How cool is that?

Well, the researchers here are busy working on a cure. So far, they've discovered that not much stops a zombie. However, if you fill them with liquid nitrogen, they do some really disgusting things. I hate explaining this to the cleaning staff.

You can also bait the zombies down the elevator shafts. It seems that they aren't very smart at knowing where the drops are, and all those zombies coming up behind the leader creates a push. It's rather disgustingly like a game of Lemmings. Do you dismember lemmings?

I'm told that there is a plan involving cyclotrons. The technobabble is right out of Star Trek. Percevere, oh zombie resistors, and we shall overcome.


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