Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

BSG Season 4

There's been talk about whether season 4 of BSG would be the last season.

There was doubt?

When they announced that they would make a "movie" to fit between seasons, this told me that they would wrap up with season 4.

How did I know? I counted.

If you want to syndicate, you need traditionally need three full seasons, or 24x3 episodes. That adds up to 72 episodes.

Add up the BSG episodes, and you get:

3 pilot
13 season 1
20 season 2
20 season 3
22 season 4
68 total

My math may be a little wrong. However, the magic number of 72 is VERY close. Add in the special, and you get 70.

My math may be a little off, but those numbers were too close for coincidence. They made a commitment to those extra episodes as a financial decision so that they can syndicate the series.

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