Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Watching the Girl

Jen went off to pot luck last night. That left me watching the girl. Whenever Jen is out, the girl makes her best attempt to eat every bottle in the house. You go, girl.

I've been poking away at my Wikiworld campaign setting. I'm trying to get one location done per day. This isn't hard stuff, but doing too many in a row makes my brain bored. I seem to write best in the morning. In the evenings, I seem to prefer structural or organization tasks. Lately, I've been updating the flags that I've generated. I tried to convert all the images into SVGs, but there were technical issues.

The cat had a cat fight last night. He lost. He was way twichty when I let him in. He wound up sleeping with me half the night.

I've greatly refined which raido shows that I do and don't like. I was very willing to listen to many things at first, simply because I was not familiar with those shows. In general, I enjoy Dragon, Gunsmoke, the Adventures of Maisey, Bing Crosby, The Blue Beetle, British SF serials, Flash Gordon, Nick Diamond, You Bet Your Life, Our Miss Brooks, Superman. early Adventures By Morse, and most adventures from the 30's and 40's.

I found that I dislike the later adventure shows. By the 50's, they've been dumbed down. They have a "hey gang" attitude. They overexplain plot points. The comedies that I do not like usually involve a lead character that's completely unsympathetic. For example, The Great Guildersleeve. The whole show involves the idiocy of the lead character. Yet somehow, I like the Life Of Riley, which involves the great idiocy of the lead character. But you know what? I like the Riley character. There's the big difference.
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