Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

End of Paternity

With the end of paternity coming up, we've begun practicing for me being away. I woke up on-time this morning and prepped to get out the. We are looking for gotchas.

The baby has not been sleeping much during the day. She will nap 45 minutes sometimes, if we are lucky. Often enough, it takes so much time to put her to sleep that she then waked up wet in the diaper, and we must start over.

She just won't sleep.

I finally got her to take four ounces of breast milk from a bottle. I had to walk around and carry her.

The baby associates facing you with boobies. The baby associates you sitting down with boobies. So, unless I am carrying her face out or face down, she thinks I'm denying her boobage and gets into screaming fits.

I've traced her screaming to two things so far: she's wet, she takes my body language to mean boobage and I'm not giving over the goods, or something else.. The something else is the tough part.
Tags: family

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