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Turn Around

First off, I put two new friends on the friends link. Say hi to Lekythen and Karmaidolman. These are two more folks that I know in full life, and their writing is worth reading.

The date last night did its best to run afoul of everything, yet it persevered into a good time for all. When I had plopped home, I missed the message on my answering machine. (It's the beast that garbles every word). Jennifer was on the line and looking to do something, yet there I was, wondering when I should call. As it turned out, her phone went dead yesterday, she had a bit of a quiet afternoon.

The plan: Friday, see Enigma. Saturday: see a play of Ovid poems.

Jen dropped by the house. We shared the last of my leftovers from my parent's 50th. From there, we took off for Bethesda. We left a bit late, but if we were fortunate, we would only miss the previews. Two blocks down 355, we hit a traffic slowdown. This became a traffice jam. This became a stand-still, go nowhere traffice jam. The entire intersection ahead of us was shut down in both direction. Doing our best to salvage the evening, we turned around and changed our plans. She suggested "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert." Never have seen it, and having heard so much about it, I said, "Sure!" We dropped off at Hollywood video for the DVD, where we were treated to the personal lives of the counter girls, as they were too busy talking things out to ring us up. Off to Safeway, we picked up PeanutButterMeUp from our good friends Ben and Jerry. At the checkout, we found the world's slowest line. We were halfway through the Weekly World News before we could pay for the ice cream. On top of that, Jen got $16 in change, all in ones.

The agenda for today is a bit open. Jen might be helping her brother prepare to move. She is not sure of his agenda, nor when the Ovid poetry is. We will either work it out or not. Dealing with adversitiy seems to be a thing we both do well.

Jennifer herself has worked herself too hard. She gave herself RSI. The woman needs to take breaks. I think she knows that now.

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