Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Good Morning

Good morning. It was a bit of a long night last night. Somebody decided to push away her dinner, then cry because she had no food. It took four hands every feeding to keep that girl going. Phew. She finally went to sleep around 4:30. I held her for two hours, then Jen took over from me after her nap.

On the buying front, I now have a "new" cordless phone. $7, and a new clock for mom to time feedings, $4. Goodwill is your friend.

I've been getting vintage radio shows via podcast. Those have worked rather well when they work. The old iBook fits nicely on the diaper hamper. The only downside is that there's an iBook on the diaper hamper. You do the math.

Jen's birthday is coming up. My parents volunteered to come down so that Jen and I can go out. Current plans are to go to the vegetarian place on Rockville pike.

I've been working on repainting hinges on the doors. I never repainted the hinges after stripping the doors seven years ago, and they are rusting. A little spraypaint does the trick. Once that's done, I can tweak the coat closet door, which doesn't close correctly.

I've been doing lots and lots of puttering about the house. No long projects. Mostly things that haven't been done, but can be done it bits and pieces. This is especially true at midnight+ when I need to stay awake and alert, yet bounce over to Jen if she needs something.

Jen bought me new coffee last week. I had been drinking stuff that neeeded to steep for one minute before it had any kick. This new stuff is about 5x stronger. On Friday, I made sludge. Yesterday, I halved the amount and it was still too strong. Today, I used our single coffee cup contraption, and I'm now getting something appropriate. More tweaking needed.
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