Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Long Night

It was a long night. The baby kept feeding and feeding and feeding. She finally fell asleep early this morning. Jen sent me to bed around 2 am. Her mom helped after that. Jen feels whollopped. Finally, everyone is asleep. phew.

If I could have done one more thing, it would have been to rehang the baby room door. I took the hinges off to paint yesterday. They took a while to dry. This morning, I want more than anything to close the door to the baby's room. Everyone must stay sleeping.

Years ago, my sister gave me two footstools that she no longer used. They are among the most valuable things that we have. You should always have a few footstools about your house. They are great tables. They fit anywhere.

(The crows are cawing. The cat must be outside. Must feed cat.)
Tags: family

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