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Much about the birth and Joy.

FYI, birthing is a BLAST!!!

Jen labored on and off all weekend. At 11:30pm, just was I was coming to bed, the final contractions kicked in. I called the Maternity Center once we knew what was going on. In general, they wanted me to bring Jen in when Jen "knew". It was a hard night. I was groggy from about 2:30-5:00 am. Once I hit the morning, and a cup of coffee, my second wind hit. Jen started asking to go in.

We made it to the Maternity Center about 8am. Jen was 7cm dialated!!! (The midwives were surprised and our doula was astounded. Our childbirth teacher will be so impressed with us.) They put Jen in the hot tub, and she wanted to push within fifteen minutes. She really started pushing seriously sometime after 10 and hard a hard time pushing that baby past the pubic bone. It took a combination of circumstances to get her through that: teaching her to push better, increasing contraction frequency, half a litre of Coke, threatening her with a C-section if she didn't progress, and one well placed "Do it for you baby."

For the whole time of pushing, I was there in bed helping out. I watched the baby wiggle out while I held one of Jen's legs. That was amazing. I tell you, I cried like a little girl when my baby was born. A few minutes later, and I was cutting the cord.

Of note, if you have cats, you surely know the "disguistified" look (that look of both betrayal and disgust). Well, that's the exact look that Joy had while she was being pulled from the birth canal. She was disgistified!

The vital statistics: 7 lbs 7 oz, 21.5" long, dark hair, and beautiful.

Her first bowel movement was a miconium explosion. She was going for the 2007 record for most miconium expelled by a newborn in one bowel movement.

Joy had her first yellow diaper this morning. Yay. We now know that she's getting something when she feeds. That's a relief.

My parents have met their grandchldren. Jen's mother and step-father have come to stay for a few days. Jen's father in Oklahoma is understandably unable to get her quickly.

The cat has met his new underling. He wasn't impressed. However, he is now on the bed with Jen and the baby.

For the first time in my life, my fidgiting is an advantage. Fidgiting turns you into a human washing machines.

Jen has been impressed by my baby-foo skills. I have no idea where I learned all this baby stuff, but so far, I can calm Joy in astoundingly short periods of time.

Jen has yet to change a diaper. It may be a while. She's is understandably sore and whollopped.
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