Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Who's Who?

Friends from Three Left Feet are blueeowyn, xpioti, dglenn, and silmaril. Three Left Feet and it's accompanying live band is a group of medieval and English country dancers. I have both danced and played with them.

Friends from Spagetti Night, JASFA, and Virginia Tech refugees (with a few folks from Hollins) are chelseamonday, karmaidolman, kittykatya, lekythen (absolutely lovely woman), madwriter, mauzybroadway, roninwarrior, whiskeyrivers. A few of those folks run Katsucon. Most have run Technicon.

claudiag is a random friend made along with way in LJ. She reads exactly like she's a friend of mine, so I adopted her onto the list.

jessamoon is a longtime AIM friend. We started off as penpals when I was in my boring NHLBI position.

Some folks put me onto their friends list:
yubbie is a career Blacksburgian and is firmly sucked into Virginia Tech's computer support department. terlan is a friend of xpioti. I think he's another computer geek.

Two recent strays that I picked up include venusianflame and diethylamide.

I put people onto my friends list this way:
- You write in full sentences and use punctuation.
- I read your entries for a while and you hold my interest.
- I like you.

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