Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I enjoyed this week in BSG. I got the feeling that the writers sat down after the last episode, spent a long time talking about the second season, then headed into this thing with a far better idea of what they wanted out of the show.

We lost our Lucy Lawless model. She saw the final five. From the sound of her, none of the five was Baltar. Interestingly, she alread knew one model. That means that ONE OF THE CAST is a Cylon. That narrows it down.

I always wondered: who designed this model of Cylon? What happened to them? Now we know that this is even a mystery to the Cylons. Interesting. Very artful hand-waving by the writers.

Lots of switches in allegiance. Little Hera is now her own allegiance.

All in all, I liked the really messed up way that everything unfolded. Oh, and we've finally rejoined the "Kira is special plot", already in progress.

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