Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


The basement should be "finished" today. That means that the work on the basement should be finished.

Next, I need to (possibly) paint the ceiling and the walls. I need to hook up the phone drops. I need to finish putting in tile. Clean the floor. Clean and possibly repaint the steps.

After the basement is prepped, we get to MOVE things into the basement. Rugs first, then furniture. Move my desk down. Move Jen's desk down. Move all the stuff from the shed back into the basement.

After that, set up the baby's room. Yank stuff out of the attic.

After that, find a sofa and furniture for the living room. Possibly a carpet.

Due to drywall dust, the remaining house now needs a cleaning. Reclean bedroom. Deep clean kitchen.

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