Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


We talked more about the house last night.

The furnace is 17 years old. That means time for a new furnace. The duct work is called "kluge on kluge." Eeew. Our current plan is to get a new energy star furnace put in. That's about $4400 before extra costs rear their head. Our logic is that even if we stay in the house a short time, we've left one more house energy efficient.

We won't be doing an upstairs. We got a ballpark of $10k just to get heating upstairs. That's 25% of the maximum budget. That won't work.

We have a rough idea of what to do with the basement. Lighting is one thing that needs more investigating. Another is faux-wood flooring. That basement needs all the "warming" it can get. Just have to be careful to get something that survives the myriad of minor water disasters that happen.

Meanwhile, I tried to get my Linux box on wireless. It hated the Linksys card that I put in. When I read the direction, step #1 was "download this file." Well, duh, if I could connect to the internet, there would be that problem. Yeah, I can shuffle files about, but it's more fun to bitch. :P Complete PITA.

My current plan is to hack my old wireless access point. Load a completely different ROM image. Yeah, that's equally as much work, but ever so much more fun.

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