Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

This Week

This week started out rough with a three day headache. Owww. Not fun. It just kept lingering.

We had the humidifier served. Actually, we now have a new one. We're duscussing whether we should get a new furnace or not. Roughtly, the current furnace is a kluge on a kluge. Doing it now would be the cheapest time. The question: is it worth it for two years, or will we really move in two years?

Jen is out for the weekend. She up at her mom's making cookies.

Meanwhile, we've empited my office out and we are painting it. It's time to get it ready for baby. After that, we pull the bedroom part and paint that. The last remnents of my bachelorhood get covered in paint. Bye-bye.

We have discovered that when the weather gets cold enough, the cat won't go outside unless he's really gotta go. Winter is no fun. The strir crazyness has already started building with him, but not as bad as last year.

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