Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


On Friday, we had cheap strip-mall chinese food. They gave us enough to eat Friday, Saturday night, Sunday night, and lunch on Monday. $20. That was a stupid amount of food.

On Saturday, we went to lunascura's wedding. Yay. She was quite the beauty. Congrats to her and Curtis. Many good wishes. The candied apples as favors were delicious. They're so good we're cutting ours in half, then splitting the halves in half for dessert. I still need to sort through pictures.

On Sunday, I kept up playing Dragon Quest. I got to the end, but then the game KEPT GOING because that wasn't the end. *Sigh*. I now need to do some of the tedious stuff in-game that I dislike, so I am hitting the game faqs. I have no lust for trying 10e25 ingredient combinations.

We have a new fire alarm for the first floor. It has a mute button!!! (We're experts at setting off our fire alarm.)

Jen realized that our little mouser is a gray mouser. If we get a dog, should we name him Pawfner?

The car appears to be having trouble with skipping cylinders. I must check the usual suspects, the sparkplugs working loose.

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