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Computer Noise

I have a fan making noise on my computer again. Grrr. I hate that. It's a weird grinding. It might be the video card again. (I only just got the thing working properly in 3D again. Grrr.)

Time to go parts shopping, I think, if it's the video card fan. Maybe it's just a WD40 day. Maybe its a different fan.

So far for the computer, I've:
- Bought a quiet case
- Replaced the power supply with a quieter one
- Replaced fans for quieter ones
- Replaced hard drives with quieter ones

Still not done, I guess. Maybe next next PC will be a Mac Mini. Those suckers are small and quiet. Drop Ubuntu onto it and go. Maybe run two virtual machines. Ahhh. When I get to have money again. Time to start squirreling away my lunch money.

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