Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Jen's job was getting rid of equipment. We picked up a Dell Latitude C840 from them for $100. (I tried to get more. I'm no dummy. No, I can't get you one.)

I need to modify this guy a little bit.
- Bigger hard drive. (I need to dual-boot Windows/Linux)
- CD/DVD drive for playing DVDs.
- Another 512mb RAM
- New battery

That makes this cheap laptop add up to another $500.

The eventual plan is to make it the movie-in-bed laptop, able to show iTunes TV shows (like BG), travel with me when I photograph, and other such misc things. The iBook will actually remain the main laptop. It's light, easily fits by the bed, and runs well on battery.

I had hope to get a newer iBook, but that's not in the budget.

Also over the weekend, get saw Dinosaur Land!!! I've wanted to go since I was wee small. It was a good trip.

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