Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I am working on a story for my latest campaign world. I like doing this, as it encourages my imagination in ways that just raw-creating misses.

I am rather enjoying the latest campaign world. One premise that is giving me dividends is that the previous war was a long, and completely pointless war between law and chaos. This sets me up a completely different mindset for divisions in the world. This brings out new ideas for institutions and how those institutions orient themelves. Good and evil become secondary decisions, and many mismatched organizations become bedfellows, or muddly unclear in their ethical stances. That's fun. That puts them straight into that gray area that makes good drama.

Thinking up names for the institutions has been fun. I am spending more time thinking up institutions and movements this time around than country names and places. These institutions really tell more about the world than the countries that they are in.

The cornerstone chaos relgious faction are the Transgressors. Their philosophy is that artificial rules constrain potential, and only by transgressing those arbitrary boundaries can we claim our potential. THAT viewpoint then creates an amazingly fertile ground to develop more ideas. It impies methodology and creates a worldview that must conflict with that of law on a fundamental level. I rather prefer building organization that aren't opposite, but are more exclusive choices. Each choice takes you in a unique direction. Transgressors aren't just mirrors of Axiomites. Their entire structure and methodology are just different and irreconsilable.

I am also working on past institutions as well. I want dead organizations to refer to. This helps create little stories. For example, the Psychotic Assembly (a Transgressor cult) were a psionic-weapons development group that went so far that the other Transgressors declared them anathema and wiped them out. What is so bad that even Transgressors can't accept it? I don't answer that question. I just give a few examples (aboleth, intellect devourerer) and let you imagine the rest.

Writing a story really gets me into a creative mood of creating these little stories, which gives me many more stories. Adding stats to stories is much easier than inventing stats, then trying to invent stories for them.

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