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Snugly Time

The weather has gotten blustery again. This makes me wish for a nice and curvy and pretty eyed bed-warmer. (Don't get me wrong here. I'd be happy to trade place and be her bed warmer, too.) Alas, cold bed.

I watched the longer version of Fellowship of the Ring tonight. I liked it *much* better than the original cut. I thought that it flowed much better and that the themes of the story came out far better. It's amazing what happens when you put 30 minutes into a film that you didn't want to cut in the first place.

All that, and I still have two disks of extras.

Yoshiko, of the Baltimore game group, is three months pregnant. That's been obvious for a while now. Her occasional questions about children, putting in a backyard fence, the random sickness, and the prenatal vitamins all kinda gave it away. I wish her the best. She's over 40 now, so this won't be easy for her.

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