Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

The Adventure of Thomas Covenant

I've been re-reading Thomas Covenant lately, (well, audiobook), and decided to turn TC into a TV series (as taught in TV executive schoo).

Thomas Covenent (Avery Brooks) is a hip-hopping gangta rap star who comes down with AIDS. When he drifts into a coma, he awakens in The Land, where he learns of its plight, and vows to fight for them. "I don't believe in defeat. Call me Thomas Covenent the Unbeliever!" He's a two-fisted fighter for the Land. Thomas Covenant wears a "white gold" heavy chain, which gives him great but unpredictable power.

TC has a bevy of friends who help him in his adventures.

Saltheart Foamfollower (John Rhys Davies) is a bumbling but kind giant. He doesn't sing much, except dirty ditties.

Lord Elena (Lucy Lawless) is the tough-ass leader of the Lords. Her great spells are operatic arias. Her relationship with TC is one of sexual tension. It is a tension never relived, as Covenant does not want to spread his AIDS.

Lord Morham (Brent Spiner) is Elana's scatter-brained assistant and magic-geek. He speaks mostly in magic-babble, makes many social errors, but his brilliant theories usually save their asses.

Lena, Elena's younger sister (unknown), follows the group around. She wants to grow up and be a lord like Elena, but she's always going off to prove herself when she's not ready. She has a crush on TC. She has a special magic with animals.

The Blood Guard are the personal guards of the Lords (portrayed by The Rock and a bevy of weight lifters). These hot-tempered fighters are trained berzerkers, flying into a battle-rage when combat comes.

This group of heroes fights against Lord Foul. We do not hear or see Lord Foul. Only his servants see him. The series begins with Lord Foul's vixen-daughter Lady Spite ( )sending out Foul's servants to despoil the land and do other Foul deeds. She is very successful until Covenant shows up. His unorthidox methods defeat her plans time and again. Lord Foul grows angry that his plans are delayed.

During the first season, Lord Foul grows angry at his daughter and summons his even-more-evil servant, the Raver, who posesses victims (thus allowing us to have a new evil raver every season). The Raver chooses High Lord Prothall (Alexis Denisof), who then begins working against the Lord in their very castle of Revelstone. Lady Spite and the Raver do not get along, and are continuously machinating against each other. We can have other Ravers during subsequent seasons (Vigo Mortensen, Idina Mendez, Woody Allen, etc.), each one with a different personality and a different plan.


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