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Record Shopping

I tossed a few things into my Amazon shopping card. $600 later, I think that I can't buy all this crud at once. Of course, I COULD, because I work for a living, but I just couldn't listen to it all that quickly.

All this is mostly because I am attempting to get some sort of handle on what I bought this year, and where I have yet to go. Have I mentioned that I spent a rediculous amount of money on music this year? I think I did.

Agenda for the weekend kinda looks like this:

Friday - Gaming over the Fischer residence. Mabye BESM, maybe card games.
Saturday - ? Get emissions done on car, lawn
Sunday - ? Xpioti help with leaves in morning?
- Sunday D&D game

Randolph road will be closed 8-10 on Sunday morning. Xpioti should take Rt. 28 south through Rockville if she comes. (She might bring her doggie, Rex. I haven't met the new doggie yet.)

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