Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Thoughts on Battlestar Galactica

A few thought on Battlestar Galactica, now that I finished season 2.

I enjoyed season #1.

I have mixed feeling about season #2. As best as I can tell, the writers plotted out season 2 for twelve episodes, but the network asked for 20 episodes. Those extra episodes tacked onto the season didn't work so well for me. They weren't as well thought out and did not contain the same tension as the earlier episodes. The season really needed to end with the assassination of Cain.

A big problem with season 2+ was the loss of the non-com cast for too many episodes. The non-coms are the ones who bring great emotion to the show. They're the ones who provide the panic, screaming, frustration, and desperation to the show. The show NEEDS this. They are the ordinary people that we identify with. They represent the hopes and fears of the humanity. Without that, the show feels too hollow.

I did enjoy the Cylon rebuilding of Capirca. A world populated by Cylons going through the motions of being human struck me as deeply absurd. This also de-mystified the Cylons. Bad. Very very bad from a plot-tension perspective. The "Cylon Hero" idea struck me badly as too deus-ex-machina.

I had overved before this episode that the Cylon models were all turning out to be too human. The longer that they remain in contact with humanity, the more human they became. The "Cylon Hero" show pretty much made that blatant. Even more, I think that each Cyclon becomes TOO MUCH of what it is designed to be, especially if stressed and left alone. The Prophet cylon really *IS* making prophetic statements. Scar becomes the Cyclon Top Gun.

The season ender left me cold. However, I do applaud the writers for being willing to completely change anything about the series.

I call this show the "anti-star trek." The writers started with, "I was told that I could do these things in Star Trek. Well, we are going to make these the centerpoints of our show." They took the show straight into the gray area, as THAT's where interesting drama lies.

I remain convinced that there is a third power in the mix. There are the humans, the cylons, and ????. I don't know what the unknown is. You can toss out many theories in this one, but I'm not. We don't have enough information. We really don't know why we have a hallucinatory Baltar and a Hallucinatory #6.

"Scar" was a very good stand-alone episode. I very much enjoyed the running theme of "characters develop". Cat, who started as a rookie, took Top Gun.

It's good to see Dean Stockwell. Richard Hatch got a terrific character. (Who'da thought he'd play sleezy-weazle so well?)

Most of my questions from the last BG post still stand.

Boomer referred to "dark times ahead." I do not believe that she was referring to either humans or Cyclons. We may see something from the ??? power.

At this point, we just have to wait for next season. I won't wrestle with next season as the writers, in my opinion, did not entirely know where they were going, as so the season wrapup acted as a jumping-off point for their writing, rather than the preview of an already well-thought arc. That is, they wrote themselves into a corner on purpose.


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