Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

BG Questions

I have some rhetorical questions about BG.

This is mostly a brain dump, halfway through season 2. (The Pegasus showed up last episode.) I have also avoided all the boards and such because I want to ENJOY asking all these questions.

- Why did the cylons retreat after the war?
- Where did they go? Reall go?
- How did they develop all this technology so fast?
- Did "God" give them this technology?
- How is that they can talk to god?
- Do they all talk to god or only a few?
- Is God really supernatural or some being?
- Is this really God's plan? What's his agenda? Is he/she/it using the cyclons?
- Why did the cylons rebel in the first place?
- Was the cylon rebellion an aspect of a slave race fighting for their civil rights?
- Are there multiple factions among the cyclons?
- Have the human-like cyclons succeeded too well, with them developing in problematic ways?
- Are each of the humanoid cyclons a personification of a god? Are they actual gods? (They die, but are eternal. In short, they are IMMORTAL.)
- Are the cyclons attempting to interbreed with humans to bring themselves closer to god, and thereby take the inheritance away from humans?
- I've noticed a theme of humans dehumifying themselves and others, while the cyclons seek to be more human. Is this part of their assertion of sentience? That original assertion that they are sentient and more than machine?
- There was a volano theme inside the baystar. Is this god Hephaestus/Vulcan, rejected child of the gods, and creator of things? (Wow, that's a good theme if they meant it.)
- The story has happened before. Which story are we in? How do we remember this story? Is this the Aneaid? The Greeks destroyed the Trojans through a ruse (A TROJAN HORSE!!!) and a few surving trojans and a fleet sailed across the Med. looking for a new home.
- Why did the gods so curse Kobol? What did the people of Kobal do the Gods and themselves? How does this relate to the story?

This series works very well by not answering questions. Even nastier, they answer questions but leave you with more questions. Good.


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